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Lahore Software Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning is a cross functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic business process of a company. LSS ERP System software solution seeks to streamline and integrate operations, processes and information flows in an enterprise, to synergize the resources of an organization namely personal, material, money and machine.

LSS ERP System integrates all data and processes of an organization into a unified system. Lahore Software Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning software is an enterprise web based solution that saves time in record keeping, provides valuable business decision information and helps improve profitability. It helps decision makers to analyze information over single click and take decisions on proactive basis. Our goal is to work with; to analyze, define, and deliver solutions specific to our client's business, solutions that meet their requirements effectively and efficiently.

LSS ERP System is:

  • End to End Integrated & Modular Solution for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
  • Web-based Solution. Compatible for using from Handled Devices like Tabs, Mobile Phones
  • Total Paperless Environment
  • Online Approvals/Postings & Alerts on Web, SMS, Emails
  • Auto GL Vouchers from Specified Events/Transactions
  • Executive Summaries and Graphs for Management
  • Knowledge-Based Expert Decisions

LSS ERP System Major Modules

General Ledger

  • Configurable Chart of Accounts
  • Vouchers Generation {Bank Voucher, JV, CV etc.}
  • Auto Vouchers from Specified Events/Transactions
  • Voucher Posting
  • Voucher Approvals 3 Levels
  • Financial Year Definition
  • Budget Definition
  • Financial Year Closing
  • Voucher Listing
  • Journal General
  • Bank Activity
  • Cash Flow
  • Trail Balance
  • Ledger Activity
  • Budget Reports
  • Financial Statements

Purchases, Payables & Inventory

  • Demand Notes
  • Purchase Requisitions with/without Demand Note
  • Purchase Orders
  • Material Receipt Notes
  • Issuances & Returns
  • Suppliers & Purchasers Management
  • Raw Material and Finished Goods Definition
  • Auto Vouchers from PPI Transactions
  • Batches Definition and Management
  • Inward/Outward Gate Pass
  • Warehouses Management
  • Order Levels Management
  • Stocks Management
  • Movement between Warehouses/Stores
  • Suppliers Payables/Outstanding
  • Stock Ledger/Ledger Activity
  • Slow/Fast Moving Items
  • Inventory/Issuances Trends

Sales and Receivables

  • Customers Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Customers Services Management
  • Payments/Collections
  • Salesman and Targets
  • Delivery Challans
  • Complaints Management
  • Debit & Credit Notes
  • Returns
  • Cheques Receiving and Returns
  • Customer Sales Trends
  • Collection Forecast
  • Cheques Status
  • Salesman Incentives
  • Sales Targets & Follow-ups
  • Receivables by Customers/Invoices/Salesman

Human Resources & Payroll Management

  • Employees Management
  • System Users
  • Resources Management
  • Employee Job Locations
  • Resources Allocation
  • Employee Documents Management
  • Departments & Designations
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Calendar
  • Allowances
  • Loans Management
  • Appraisal
  • Perquisite & Benefits
  • Payroll Configurations
  • Employee Payroll

Imports & Exports

  • LC Management
  • Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Entry
  • Cargo, Insurance, Transportation and Banks relating payments
  • Foreign Customers Management
  • Export Sale and the Remittances received against it
  • Tools to see the required sales and receivable data of customers


  • Finished Products Recipes
  • Auto Demand Generations
  • Return of Items/Material
  • Wastage Measuring
  • Production Planning and Purchases Planning
  • Receiving of Items/Material for Production against Demands
  • Auto Calculation of Raw material required for Finished Good Production of different sizes/quantities

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