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LSSMED EMR Electronic Medical Record is a secure, point-of-care, patient-centric application for clinicians. It provides instant access to patient records and built-in decision support tools and alerts to aid clinicians in capturing decision making rationale.

Unique, customizable templates and flow sheets of Lahore Software Solutions EMR solution enable clinicians to automate and streamline their workflow, care for more patients, and reduced practice-operating costs. It fulfills clinicians' demand of a user-friendly, efficient, high quality software solution that helps to improve healthcare practices and assessment. With LSSMED EMR EMR software, clinicians can focus on what they do best: taking care of patients rather than paperwork.

Online Scheduling and Patient Appointments

Set appointments for the day/week and schedule tasks and manage wait list. LSSMED EMR EMR is integrated with online Patient Portals, and alerts ahead of time.

True Paperless Environment

Intelligible health records transition, immediate access to medical records and exchange on wired and wireless networks.

Customizable Templates and One View Patient Activity Monitoring

Dashboard shows all the required templates and message board in truncated view, adjustable according to the workflow and practice size.

Comprehensive Charts, Reports and Flow Sheets

Brings up-to-date episodic and longitudinal record information and shows them in variety of formats, charts, reports and flow sheets.

Internal and External Communication

Messaging with the staff and communication with the patients on inherent message board, and through embedded email and SMS system.

Revenue Cycle Management & Payments Track

Complete financial management and tracking of payments made and pending. Updates about transactions, reimbursements and manages checkup fee option.

Security, Privacy and Data Encryption

Nullifies risks of data breach and damage. Maintains integrity of health information through secure user defined logins and encrypts data before sharing.

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